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Section 5: Terms and Conditions
Application for TRAVEX Booth and Seller Delegates
  1. The Travel Exchange (TRAVEX) will be held as part of the official programme of the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2019 to be held from 14-18 January 2019.

  2. Participation as a Seller in TRAVEX is open only to suppliers of ASEAN tourism products and services.

  3. Seller representation will be restricted to ASEAN-based representatives.

  4. Product exposure will be restricted to products and services located and operated within the ASEAN region.

  5. You may purchase two (2) delegates per booth, with one registered as Full Delegate and the second registered as Co-Delegate. Issuing of additional Co-Delegates will be subject to TRAVEX Secretariat's discretion. Any number of Accompanying Persons can be registered, although such persons will not be allowed access to the TRAVEX area.

  6. Registered TRAVEX Seller will be sent a set of login and password at a later stage for submission of the organisation profile, full and co-delegate name for the purpose of listing in the show directory and name badge printing.

  7. Submit the completed registration online followed by required payment, no later than 04 October 2018 for inclusion in the appointment scheduling process.

  8. Booth sharing between two (2) or more different business organisations is not allowed.

Fees or Charges
  1. All fees are to be paid in US Dollars.

  2. Registration payment must be in full.

  3. Upon completion of the Registration Form and Questionnaire online at www.atfvietnam2019.com, international money order, bank draft or telegraphic transfer payment in US Dollars, must be made payable to:

    The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, 21 Collyer Quay, #02-01 HSBC Building, SIngapore 049320
    Account NO.: 260-289442-179 (USD) Bank Code No.: 7232 Swift Code: HSBCSGSG Please send or fax pay-in slip.

  5. TRAVEX registration fees for ATF 2019 are as per outlined on the first page of registration;

  6. A late registration fee of US$135 will be chargeable on each booth application and each Full Delegate registration fee after 04 October 2018.

  7. Onsite payment will be charged with late registration fees and are to be made in US Dollars on cash terms only.

  8. Please indicate clearly your organisation name and ID number on all payment references/slips.

Cancellation, Substitution and Refund
  1. The ATF 2019 TRAVEX Secretariat must be notified in writing by letter, facsimile or email of any cancellation or delegate substitution.

  2. An administrative fee of US$170 will be levied for cancellation of each TRAVEX booth on or before 04 October 2018.

  3. 100% of the invoiced amount will be levied for cancellations of TRAVEX booths after 04 October 2018.

  4. An administrative fee of US$85 will be levied for cancellation of each Full Delegate/ Co-Delegate on or before 04 October 2018.

  5. Cancellation of any Full Delegate and/or Co-Delegate after 04 October 2018 will be charged the full amount of the respective badge price.

  6. No refund will be granted for any cancellations after 04 October 2018. All refunds will only be remitted after the closure of ATF 2019.

  7. An administrative fee of US$60 will be levied for every substitution made for a Full Delegate or Co-Delegate after 04 October 2018.

  8. Lost badges will only be replaced upon payment of an administrative fee of US$15.

Booth Allocation
  1. TRAVEX Sellers will be assigned booths based on country groupings. 10% of total number of booths will be allocated to chain organisations for the purpose of corporate image projection.

  2. Booth allocation per country will be fairly spread out, as far as possible, for better distribution of representation among sectoral groups. Booth assignment will be confirmed on a first-come, first- served basis, subject to payment of required fees.

  3. Booth assignment remains the prerogative of the TRAVEX Secretariat.

  4. Each seller organisation is entitled to one (1) booth each. Each booth size is 3m x 3m (9sqm) in dimension. The ATF 2019 TRAVEX Secretariat may accept applications for two (2) booths per organisation. Confirmation of second booth will be subject to actual utilization of booth allocation by country as of registration deadline, and shall be undertaken at the discretion of the TRAVEX Secretariat.

  5. Chain organisations with representatives from three (3) or more companies, wanting to project a corporate image may apply for three (3) contiguous booths in the area specified for corporate property representation.

  1. Only duly registered TRAVEX Buyers and Sellers are allowed to participate in TRAVEX.

  2. Admission to the TRAVEX area will be strictly on the basis of TRAVEX name badges. All Sellers and Buyers are required to wear their badges at all times and in proper business attire in the TRAVEX area.

Acceptance of Registration
This application shall serve as an agreement between the applicant's organisation and the ATF 2019 TRAVEX Secretariat that the above terms and conditions have been read and understood by the applicant. The ATF 2019 TRAVEX Secretariat reserves the right to reject any application which is incomplete or do not comply with the above terms and conditions.
* Subject to change

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